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Himalayan Rose Body Scrub

This game-changing 3-in-1 scrub cleanses, exfoliates and conditions for smoother, softer, baby-like skin. Fair trade organic Himalayan sea salt exfoliates, while organic coconut oil aids to lift away any dry or dead skin sitting on the surface. Made with vitamin E and real rose petals, this scrub leaves your whole body feeling nourished and conditioned. 

Customer Reviews

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Katrina Tange
Daily must have!

I absolutely love this product!
I got a tub in a subscription box 3 yrs ago and it was true love from there. I use this on my big booty and lady bits and I just love how smooth, soft, and beautiful I feel afterwards!
It smells amazing and the scrub aspect always clears off my dead skin and leaves me feeling so gentle!
The hand written postcards I receive with every order are such a personal and intimate touch that it is a huge reason I also come back. As someone who works family owned I appreciate Jen taking the time to let me know my business is appreciated and that she does a plant initiative for every order done!
Pls don't ever stop making this product, I will be forever buying it!

Must have!

This scrub is a staple in my health routine, is a product that gives me pleasure. This is my self-care.
I would recommend this product to anyone looking to
tend to their body.

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