Every candle plants a tree



Never leave a burning candle unattended. Keep burning candles away from flammable materials, children and pets. Do not place candles on or near other heat sources. Burn the candles on heat resistant surfaces. Extinguish candles carefully, ensuring that hot wax does not splatter. Keep the hot wax pool free of wick trimmings, matches or any other flammable materials. Do not allow anything to drop into the hot wax pool such as parts of the wick or a match. Stop burning when you get down to just the botanicals.

Yes!! Trimming your wick each time before you light your candle helps keep that wick in check so that it doesn't use up too much wax. This will keep your flame manageable and extend the burning time of your candle up to 50%. Bonus! Need a gorgeous pair of wick trimmers? Head to our accessories page. Guaranteed to get into the jar easier than a pair of scissors, and they make a great gift for the candle lover that already has so many candles. 

Your soy candle should typically be smoke free, but any candle has the potential to produce soot if not cared for properly. Do not place your candles in a drafty area, try to keep it in a relatively calm spot. Try not to burn your candle for more than 3-4 hours at a time as the wick can start to mushroom, become too hot, and use up too much wax.
Rotate to another candle after 3 hours if you want to keep the party going. Always allow your candle to fully cool and harden before relighting, and don't tip a burning candle.

The first burn is the most important with any candle: Allow the candle to burn at least 2 hours the first time you light it, and always make sure to let it burn all the way across so the top is even. If you don't allow this, you will get "tunneling" and next time you light it the excess wax will drown the wick and make it impossible for the wick to stay lit.
If this happens, tip out some of the wax into another glass jar to give the wick room to breathe.

Our 9 oz. candles are designed to burn for 50+ hours. Make sure you always allow your candle to burn all the way across before extinguishing, and give your wick a quick trim before you burn it. Make sure to only burn your candle approx. 3 hours at a time to get the most out of it.

Drop it back to us & we will give it a new life! Find more info on our sustainability page on where to drop off your jar.

Or, clean it & reuse it in your home as a cocktail tumbler, makeup brush holder, mini vase, etc.


Yes, we do! Planted expects its ingredient suppliers to adhere to and to implement our Supplier's Code of Conduct, which addresses working conditions for suppliers & specifically prohibits the use of involuntary or forced labor, human trafficking, child labor & harassment and abuse.

No. Never!
Planted is fully committed to being cruelty free. We never have & never will test on animals, contract animal testing out to third parties or sell in regions that require animal testing. All of our products are also vegan, which means we don't formulate with any animal-derived ingredients. 

Yes, all Planted products are vegan! Our reason to go vegan was simple - we've evolved. We can create high-performance formulas without ingredients that come from animals. As we've been innovating with botanical superfoods, we've learned we can get amazing results that performs on par with-if not better than-formulas that contain animal byproducts. Further, we wanted to create products everyone can love-including those who crave clean, cruelty-free & vegan beauty.

No. Never!
Many companies advertise "All Natural" but then add artificial fragrances that can have all kinds of side effects. We want to steer as clear of anything artificial as possible so we never use "fragrances".
Our products only contain naturally grown scents such as from essential oils and natural aromatic essences. We never use synthetic or artificial fragrances so you can be sure our products won't give you a headache or cause allergic reactions.
Our mission is not just to be "All Natural" but "100% Natural"

No. Never!

Planted is not just natural ingredients, but powerful & healthy active ingredients that keep your skin healthy. Each formula is created with the purpose of banishing hormone disruptors, allergic reactions, carcinogens, and most importantly, toxins.

Yes, all of our products are gluten free. 

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