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Calming Lavender Candle

An airy linen ensemble, freshly steeped tea warming your hand and a crisp summer breeze whispering scents of budding flower fields. Lavender is an effortless essential to French living - simple yet impactful. This candle evokes a post-yoga calm and is the ultimate pairing for a luxurious bath or bedtime read.

Clean Ingredients: 100% Soy Wax, Lavender Essential Oil, Lavender Buds, Cotton Wick

Scent throw is delicate. To increase intensity, light in small spaces.

Burn Times: 
6oz: 30-40 hours
9oz: 50-60 hours

Customer Reviews

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Pam Tryhane
Love these candles!

The product is exceptional! I love these candles. I filled out a very lengthy survey for the product and was assured a 30% discount for a future purchase. I’ve not received that. I’m a consistent purchaser so that would be a kind discount to receive.


A favourite! Relaxing scent after a stressful day.

So elegant!

I received my order and couldn’t be happier with the candles. The candle jars are so elegant and will really elevate the ambience of each room. The scent is so clean and just the right amount….not too strong and smell totally natural. I will definitely be ordering again!

I love this candle

I have sensitivities to scented products but this candle is great! I received one for christmas and loved it so much I bought two more.

Calming Lavender

This candle was the most authentic lavender aroma I have sensed out of many candles I have purchased. I also appreciate supporting an independent business. It burnt very well for me to the bottom of the jar. I also appreciate a soy candle as I think they are healthier than many other less expensive candles that may contain chemicals I prefer not to inhale.