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3 Tips for Eco-Friendly Spring Cleaning

Clean Smarter Not Harder...

Spring is one of our favourite times of transition. With the sun shining brighter and blossoms bursting open, it’s no surprise that one might feel optimistic and ready for change. As we shed our winter layers, the perfect opportunity comes to also shed what we no longer need. 

Before you embark on your seasonal cleaning routine, we’ve collected a few feel-good tips for you to consider this year. Out with the old ways, in with the new!


Skip The Donation Bins...

Have you ever wondered where your donations actually end up? Us too. Every cause is different but if you’re looking for alternatives here are a few ideas!

Sell on Facebook Marketplace

If your items are still in decent condition try to make some money back or set your listing to free. In our experience, free listings have been a great way to make sure your items don’t end up in a landfill or collecting dust.

Thread Recycling Programs

H&M stores will accept any clothing, in any condition, from any brand! This is great especially for clothing that is beyond repair or re-purposing. Check it out here.

Get Creative

Wrong colour? Try changing it with natural dye or paint. Wrong fit? Try bringing clothing to your local dry cleaner & alterations shop. Wrong style? Consider some bigger alterations or style with trendy pieces to make the item more modern. Fun tip: even tattered textiles can be cut up and used to stuff pillows and cushions. There are endless opportunities to get creative!


Sell clothing


Clean Up Your Cleaning Products…

Cleaning can be daunting enough as it is, there’s no need to feel light headed from all the chemicals! Natural cleaning products have come a long way from vinegar & baking soda (although, this cleaning duo will never get old). Check out some of our favourites below! 

L'AVANT Cleaning Products

We love the non-toxic cleaning products from L'AVANT almost as much as we love how beautiful they are. As an added bonus your room will have a fresh scent that lingers for a few hours after. Check it out here.

Scent-Free & Biodegradable

The Unscented Company is not only a fellow Canadian Business, they're good for you and the environment. Having unscented soap is a thoughtful touch that your scent-sensitive guests will appreciate. 


Reusable & Refillable

From sponge cloths to biodegradable refill services, there are more options than ever to make better choices for the environment! 



Buy Better…

Making better purchasing decisions means there’s less to clean up or throw away in the future. When you’re about to buy something new, pause and think about where it might end up later. 


Recycling Programs

We recommend trying to purchase from companies with a recycling program (check out ours here). This takes some of the pressure off of your local disposal services and is better for the environment long-term. 


Low Impact

Look for companies that have reduced/eco-friendly packaging, maybe even a donation program to offset their carbon emissions. Also, before you buy better, make sure to go through what you’ve already got.


Ingredients & Materials

From manufacturing to the ingredients that make the item, a lot goes into the products we consume. Since it’s impossible to be an expert on everything, we use apps like EWG Good On You to make buying decisions easier. 


Parting Words

We’re advocates of making better decisions that are sustainable for your lifestyle and our environment. It’s not about shaming or demanding, it’s about taking small steps. Check out our commitment to making The Plant Project a better buying decision for you here

Once the cleaning is done, don't forget to take some time for yourself to unwind! Light up our Eucalyptus candle, grab a book and kick back with your favourite tea.