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Every candle plants a tree

15 of Our Work from Home Essentials

Create a workspace you love to be in...

If you just found out or decided that working from home is your new normal, we’ve got you covered. With the right set-up, you can make your home office an oasis of productivity and a space you actually enjoy being in. Check out our top 15 favourite finds for the ultimate WFH set-up.

1. Petales de Fleurs

Our local friend and florist curates stunning bouquets, it’s the perfect touch to freshen up your workspace! 

Image credit: Petales de Fleurs


2. PleaseNotes Notebook

Our friends over at PleaseNotes are ready to make your day! Take a break from your work day, get inspiration and build your positive mindset with a feel-good guided journal. 

NotebookImage Credit: PleaseNotes

    3. Steeped Slow Ceramics Mug

    This Toronto pottery shop is irresistibly cute and the perfect match for your french press. All we can say is, WE ARE OBSESSED. 

    Image Credit: Steeped Slow Ceramics


    4. Woodchip Creative Work Space Solutions

    Looking to support local and get the office solution of your dreams? We know the perfect place! Get a stunning custom built piece made for you and your needs.

    Image Credit: WoodchipWerks

    5. The Plant Project Lip Repair

    Having lip repair at your desk is a great way to remember to use it! Create a habit to moisturize after you eat or drink to keep your lips plump and smooth.

    Overnight Lip Repair

    6. The Plant Project Lavender Candle

    A candle can be a force of calm when deadlines and task lists get out of control. Strike a match and take a moment to meditate and let the natural calming effects of lavender take over. With a clear and fresh mind, get back to it!

    Lavender Candle


    7. The Plant Project Mist

    When you’ve been sucked into your computer screen for hours you can start to feel out of touch with your body. A great way to reset is to awaken your senses a bit. Take a step back and mist your face with your favourite scent, feel the cool tingle and focus on your breath. Remember that you’re human and you’re more than your work.

    Botanical Mist


    8. Water Bottle

    When you’re in the zone, remembering to drink (or even eat sometimes) can be difficult. Having a water bottle that keeps you accountable to stay hydrated brings you one step closer to healthy habits. We love that this is glass so you don’t have to worry about toxic plastics polluting your water.

    Water BottleImage Credit: Purifyou


    9. Anthropologie Desk Calendar Set

    Humans are visual creatures, keeping your space neat and tidy means less distractions and more productivity! As a small boutique, we love that this desk set neatly stores the essentials and has a calendar to track major tasks for the week. 

    CalendarImage Credit: Anthropologie


    10. Ikea Laptop Stand

    Sometimes we like to start our mornings slow and take some emails from the sofa with a coffee to begin the day. This laptop stand is our favourite trendy sidekick and even has a spot for your drink to prevent spills.

    Laptop StandImage Credit: Ikea


    11. Ikea Monitor Stand

    Like to keep your workspace free of clutter? We do too. We love that this monitor stand has a drawer for accessories. 

    Monitor standImage Credit: Ikea


    12. Bodum French Press

    This is our go-to french press, prefect for those days when you know you’ll need more than just one cup. It’s even cute enough that you won’t mind seeing it at your desk!

     Bodum Coffee French PressImage Credit: Bodum


    13. Uniball Pens

    Never underestimate the power of a good pen! For the avid list makers and note takers we recommend the reliable Uniball pens.

    Image Credit:


    14. Anthropologie Memo Board

    Without being too loud or distracting, this dry erase memo board is a gentle reminder so you don’t forget. We love that this blends with any decor or style!

    Memo BoardImage Credit: Anthropologie


    15. Anthropologie Desk Pad

    If you’re one to misplace things, this desk pad is for you! With folds to keep papers in one spot you won’t need to worry about where you put that receipt or to-do list. We love that this pad can allow you to wander with your workspace and still keep everything contained.

    Desk padImage Credit: Anthropologie


    We’re always looking for fun ways to improve our home office, tag us with a photo of your work space on social media!